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  As one of the very few experts on family estrangement worldwide, I've spent my career developing research, support and guidance for people who have no contact with a key family member. I've been coaching individuals and holding space for those estranged from family for over a decade. 

So often when we have been rejected by family, we also disown ourselves. So many of us live our lives in shame and in fear. We feel wrong, we abnormal and we hide from ourselves, we don't feel worthy of love. I know, I have been there! 

The good news is that the work of growing after estrangement starts with you. It starts with breaking down the core limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves. 

I can help you to plot the road forward past estrangement and into a more whole, loving and connected life. It might feel intimidating, insurmountable and terrifying, or you might feel motivated, activated and raring to go. You might not be sure how you feel.

Wherever you are, we can work together to look at the situation now, develop your confidence, and make a vision for the future you, and map the steps that are best for you to take to get there.

I believe healing after family breakdown is not just work for the mind but also for the body and I am here to help you to stand fully and proudly in your own corner as a healthy human.

I run coaching retreats online for people who have experienced family estrangement. I also coach and mentor individually. 

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