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Do you want hours of support with family estrangement at a fraction of the cost of online coaching?
My online coaching course is live now!

This unique, self-guided online video course will help you to develop self-awareness, compassion, confidence and healthy relationship skills.

The course features 36 lessons and 8+ hrs of videos, audios and exercises from Becca and other specialists in the family estrangement field.



     This is course is for you if...

  1. You want to have a good repair conversation with a family member to improve and grow the relationship.

  2. You have struggled to repair a family relationship and want to identify beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward and feeling at peace.

  3.  You want to communicate more powerfully to others about your estrangement and the support you need.

  4.  You want to learn new tools for processing the emotions and feelings that can be triggered on the difficult days. 

  5. You want to feel less alone

Each separate video in my course draws on my 10+ years of experience and research in this field, my coaching work and also my own unique healing journey as someone impacted by this issue.  

      My course offers...

4+ hours of expert videos on key subjects impacting estranged adults

Activities and videos made for you and also for those supporting you. 

Multiple activities, tools and suggestions to stimulate more self-awareness, self-compassion and better communication with others.

Physical exercises, playlists and reading lists

Exclusive free access to my online Q&A groups 

Key Themes

Repairing a challenging family relationship

Tools for constructive repair dialogues

Should I take space?

Limiting beliefs we hold in response to estrangement

Stigma and shame

Grief, longing and belonging

Tools for the difficult days  

The body and its role in our healing

 The impact of estrangement on other relationships

Honouring my needs

Kindness, Compassion and Forgiveness

Healing starts with you and bringing it back to the self

I can help you with non-judgemental support. Whether you want to develop skills to help you with reconciliation or to be more empowered individually
We can work together to look at the situation, develop your confidence, and make an empowered vision for you and your future. I am there to help you get on your own side.
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