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Family Estrangement Coaching 

Do you want to talk to someone who has a lot of experience in supporting people with family estrangement? You've found the right person.

I've been offering specialist family estrangement coaching online for many years. I've grown and shaped the family estrangement support field with my research and training over the last decade. I'm one of the few specialists operating worldwide

I've worked with hundreds of clients from many backgrounds and family estrangement situations. This includes estranged parents, estranged adult children, estranged siblings, couples and multiple family members. 

My main areas of experience 

Decision making around family estrangement
Moving forward and creating healthy self-talk
Identifying limiting beliefs & areas of shame
Reading communications, identifying parental blind spots
Building awareness, empathy and compassion 
Communicating with others and finding support
Healthy communications - letters of grievance and repair
Creating plans around difficult times of the year and challenging family occasions
Support around bereavement and estrangement 

Listen to me talk about family estrangement coaching


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Estrangement from a family member can be extremely painful. My research shows 1 in 5 families will experience an estrangement, and it is said to be as common as divorce. Yet very few people talk about it openly. 

If you are reading this, I imagine you may have felt that if someone isn't talking to me, or doesn't show me love and care, I must be a wrong or unlovable human in some way. I am wrong for not being able to cope. These are some of the most common limiting beliefs we hold.
 Humans are a tribal and relational species. We often compromise our health and values to stay in connection to those we were born to or that we created. There is something counter-intuitive about not being in touch with biological family. Yet sometimes the only way to survive is by separating oneself from an unsafe situation or accepting someone's decision to take space.  

From the urge to be part of a healthy tribe we can spend a lot of energy in trying to get others back into our life or trying to change them.

The positive news for those who feel powerless, wrong, or who are holding out for someone to change, is that the work of personal healing during estrangement doesn't have to involve someone else. There are steps you can take and you only need you and the willingness to move forward.

Healing starts with you and bringing it back to the self

I can help you with non-judgemental support. Whether you want to develop skills to help you with reconciliation or to be more empowered individually
We can work together to look at the situation, develop your confidence, and make an empowered vision for you and your future. I am there to help you get on your own side.
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