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I have researched family estrangement for over a decade with a particular focus on the impact of family estrangement and experiences of therapeutic interventions.  

Support Group
The efficacy of facilitated support groups in reducing psychological distress for adults estranged from family

Science Direct. September 2022

Estrangement between siblings in adulthood

Journal of Family Issues. February 2022

Support Groups
The Counseling Experiences of Individuals Who Are Estranged From a Family Member

Family Relations. October 2019

Study Group_edited.jpg
The difficulty in evidencing family estrangement to attain statutory finance in UK Higher Education

Higher Education Quarterly. June 2019

Image by Ev
It's All About The Money: The Influence Of Family Estrangement, Accommodation Struggles and Homelessness On Student Success in UK Higher Education

Journal of Widening Participation. July 2018

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