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Estrangement support groups

Join My Group Coaching Course around The Living Loss: Family Estrangement & Stages Of Grief

The Basic Information

A family estrangement support group is a series of online meetings with others who are estranged from a family member. I structure these sessions and use coaching methods to help you to grow and move forward. It is based on my popular blog about family estrangement and stages of grief

My groups are held on zoom and often draw in people from around the world. There is a limit of 6 places per group. 
I host support groups for estranged parents and support groups for estranged adult children and siblings.

The next groups start July 2024

Sign up to express your interest and for further info
"Talking with others who had faced similar challenges around estrangement made me feel more at ease and comfortable with my story. Becca's support and guidance throughout the group sessions helped me to build my confidence and challenge negative thinking. I'd never come across a resource like this before and I'm very grateful that it exists."

How is the group structured and who is it for?

Many of you have read my popular piece on the Living Loss and Stages of Grief in Family Estrangement. 

Each of the five support group sessions will be structured around a stage of grief as outlined in the piece. I will use coaching methods and activities to help you to heal and grow. 

You'll be paired with a partner to discuss homework activities between the group sessions.

Who are the groups for?

This is suitable for anyone at any stage of estrangement from a family member. It could be a recent or long-term. All emotions, feelings, questions, voices and curiosities are welcome. The aim is for it to be warm and supportive.

The transformative coaching method is future-facing by nature, and it is about gentle but empowered steps forward on your path.

There are separate groups for estranged parents and adult children so all are welcome. I recommend people who are estranged from siblings only attend the group for adult children. 

Is it therapy?

My research paper with Dr Lucy Blake shows that it may feel  soothing psychologically to be in an estrangement support group with people who have shared experience. The data from our study shows that people often feel a positive shift in their wellbeing.

It's ethical to stress that this isn't a replacement for one-to-one support with significant family trauma. I always say that groups can be a helpful complement to other modalities of healing to feel less alone, and to meet others having this human experience.


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